Hi, I’m Minister Wert and I Want You to Be Ignorant in Economics

Recently we received an email from a reader of The Salmon Blog in which he alerted us about an aspect that I consider outrageous in the new educational reform: the loss of weight of the subject of Economics in high school. I must admit that when I read the email, I hesitated and did not believe that this could be true, especially if we take into account the current economic situation in our country. However, after doing a little research and taking a look at the preliminary draft of the Law on the Improvement of the Quality of Education ( LOMCE ), I was stunned.

Decisions like this only demonstrate the manifest incapacity of those who have written an educational reform that was necessary, but that again responds exclusively to political interests and not to what society needs. And it is curious that from the first paragraphs of the LOMCE talk about concepts such as the global market, the competitiveness of a country or access to high-skilled jobs, in an attempt to give an economic sense to the new reform that justifies its implementation.

No, sir, none of that. On the one hand, their mouths are filled with economic justifications, and on the other, they slap students in financial education. They even dare to refer to international studies such as the PISA tests, where Spanish students are evaluated for financial skills without having any specific prior preparation in this regard.

And they have not only ignored the recommendations of the OECD, the EU, and the part of the teaching staff and the educational community to implement a subject related to economics in ESO courses. In addition, they have relegated the Baccalaureate Economy to a secondary level, condemning their disappearance and depriving our children of knowing terms such as the balance of payments, GDP, public deficit, or interest rate. Total for what?

From subject to the secondary elective

I explain: until now, the subject of Economics was a subject of modality in the Bachelor of Social Sciences. Possibly, it was the subject with more weight, and that made more sense to it, as many students opted for this branch of high school to later start university studies related to finance. With the LOMCE, the subject of Economics of the first year of high school ceases to be considered a subject of the modality to become an elective of the last step, being replaced by Universal Literature. In this way, it is clear the awkwardness of those who have written a preliminary draft of educational reform whose purpose is to increase ignorance about student economic aspects.

As much as I try, I fail to understand the justification of this barbarity. They have had the perfect opportunity to implement the subject of Economics in the ESO and in this way educate the kids in finance from an early age, but not only have they not taken advantage of it, but they have also decided to crucify the subject with greater identity from the Bachelor of Social Sciences.

Wert must resign

Mr. Wert, a Minister of Education who denies education in finance to young people in a country with more than five million unemployed and a youth unemployment rate exceeding 50%, must resign immediately.

 The great decisions that affect us in our day to day should not be taken by inept, but by people with qualifications and desire to work for and to improve the future of their country. The reactions to this measure have not been expected. Perhaps one of the ones that touch with more force is the one initiated by the State Confederation of Associations of Professors of Economy in Secondary ( CAPES ), which is already processing allegations to the draft LOMCE and that they are going to start a public campaign in order to denounce this situation. Hopefully, they will come to fruition for the sake of the kids in this country.

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