Manifestation of SWAPS: Pasotism or Complaint for Pleasure?

This weekend full of demonstrations, where every madman cries out for his subject, there is one that the count of attendees has not had any controversy in the number of protesters, because only about twenty people in Pamplona have protested against the SWAPS.

Recall that swaps are swap contracts of types, more or less, with their variations that generate different cash flows for both parties by taking different reference levels or being valued based on changing index. Only with a search on Google as “problem clip banks, returns 460,000 entries or “swap scam” that returns almost 10,000 we see that they are topics that have been written long and hard, what happens then? I can think of several options:

  • We complain because what we have actually signed knowingly does not favor us.
  • We spend so much on the financial issue that we don’t even bother to protest.
  • Those who complain know reliably that they have not been scammed or cheated.

Despite this detail, I am left with one of the protests of those affected. Literal copy according to the chronicle because a couple of details are given before taking into account and that I would like to see with bank statements in hand:

In July 2008, the director of the office called me and raised this insurance on the grounds that he had also signed it and that it was insurance to cover me if the rates went up. You don’t quite understand what he says and, in the end, between the confidence you have and the urgency and insistence with which he raised it, I signed.”

I would like to know this particular affected, who has monthly reviews, he says, how the swap worked until February of this year because the changes up to that date were favorable with almost certainty. I would also like to know how many of those affected who are now complaining were paying in a net of the operation “SWAP + mortgage” at the time of signing and how much they pay now. It gives me in the nose that many of those now kicking were those who strutted in the bar of the good mortgage they had signed that kept the guy at 4% when the rest of the mortals have paid around 6 % if the reviews have coincided on bad dates.

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